Lasya  School  of  Dance

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Sapna Krishnan established Lasya School of Dance in the year 2004 in Shrewsbury, MA with a mission to promote awareness of Indian culture and arts among students and encourage them to express themselves through the medium of dance.

Students are given sound training in various aspects of Bharatanatyam with emphasis to the rich tradition of this ancient dance form.

As the "Artistic Director" of Lasya School of Dance, Sapna Krishnan brings her unique sensibility and teaching experience in the art form to impart knowledge and importance of devotion, grace, neat footwork and beauty of expression to her students.

Classes are given to the young and old in various aspects of the dance form. The dance school's integrated curriculum involves the basic step series (Adavus), Hasta mudras(Hand gestures) and Bhavas(facial expressions). Rhythmic patterns and story telling movements are gradually introduced to the dancers as they master the dance steps and theatrical expressions associated with this art form. Once the students have learned the fundamentals of the Bharatanatyam techniques, dances from the repertoire are introduced to them . This highly formalized training offers the dancer an opportunity to develop skill, grace, discipline, and a heightened sense of well-being. Utilizing this foundation, the students will be encouraged to develop their own movement vocabulary based on Bharatanatyam tradition.

Classes are conducted mostly over the weekends. For more details, please call or email "Sapna Krishnan".

Phone   (508) 792-9432       E-mail   sapna@lasyadance.com